• Slightly citrus with fruity notes
  • 11.5% alcohol
  • We are not allowed to call it wine in the EU because it’s blue
  • No rules. No traditions. Enjoy your blue how and when you want


The blue color through technological processes of wine pigmentation. This technology has been developed by the GIK LIVE R&D TEAM in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and other Food Tech institutions from the Basque region of Spain and France.

Quality control checks are rigorous and all the component comply with the regulations for food products in the European Union.


Gik carries no added sugars.

Firstly because sugar ferments and turns into alcohol inside the bottle. Secondly, because excess of fast carbs leads to overweight, while non-caloric sweeteners are a healthier and more stable choice.

Our processes are safely regulated and have received the approval of institutions such as the European Food Safety Authority, who evaluate the terms of use of all compounds.

Gik Blue Wine